JP & Sam: Not able to Commit?

This Conversation between two highly intelligent, creative, and respectful minds proved very intriguing for me. I found myself rooting for both and neither so many times through the two 2-hr clips… in the end though I feel Sam “Won” mostly because he didn’t come off too angry in his defense and he had a genuine sympathy for Jordan’s conclusions. Jordan who I love his mind and have truly benefited from his field of inquiry I’m now beginning to see his inability to commit to the mystical part of his faith, and to that extent his pull yourself up by your bootstraps Christianity is not a little bit disingenuous to those finding themselves really overwhelmed. The Kicker came though when he was asked about the resurrection, which is like the Pee test in my estimation of being part of the tribe… and STILL he couldn’t commit.. Even Sam I felt gave a better more reasonable answer in “probably not.” So what is it with these people who think that spirituality is a matter of the intellect and rationale? Who have to defend science that says something needs to be observed to be empirical but then turn around and try to say that such and such is fact of science without that observation

I’m not afraid of saying I believe in the Resurrection, and don’t care to make the scientists in the room feel more comfortable in the pews because i’ve pored over the “Jesus Seminar.” I’ve perused the material much as I did something called the Godseed from the 70s and found salient points in them. In neither did they convince me that God has to be rational or merely an ultimate spiritual chemistry experiment. At the end of the day it’s about a mysterious relation with the more divine/aspiring elements of my inner dialogue and others and what I do to be the best version of myself with that.. What I layer on top of that whether philosophical, intellectual, ritualistic, or otherwise is more of a taste preference as I see it…. remember those verses where it’s said “when did I do this for you…. when you did it for the least”… and sometimes you might just be the one who’s the “least”.. for we all have those points of “poor in spirit” if we’re living this life to any degree. So if you’re “faith” is too rational and you find yourself having to prop up something with your intellect give it a rest… lead with your heart more right?

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