Russell & the Illusionist

I’ve been a big fan of both these guys for years… although I’ve had sincere reservations about some of their ways about going about things for that same period.. Russell like most people out there came to fame for his part in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a very Clint-essential film at the time because I was recovering myself from a pretty messy breakup. After a couple years of perusing various youtubes i deemed him usually funny and possibly somebody extremely cool when he “grows up.” I suppose some may have said the same things of me in the past so it’s not so much a judgement. I even got to catch a smaller venue performance of “the Messiah Complex” with a friend of mine Rob. Derren I’ve always looked on with a “he’s missing something,” but always fun and intriguing to watch.

Now this chat was extremely cool because they’re both around my age now and like myself going through a reflective stage that I guess happens nowadays when you’re approaching the half century mark. Derren sounds like he’s one of the “good guy” atheists, while Russ is getting settled in his what i would called the “religion of 12-step.” Both with their frailties of those tribes they are still going forward with the most integrity and vulnerability they can must for the trip which I greatly admire and respect.

Check it out

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