Don’t Settle for 2D Spirituality

Missing the deeper dimensions of sacred texts is sad but an important part of the process of maturation right? As a yoga practitioner for over 12 years now it is intriguing to see so many come and go with the superficial aspects of this ancient art. My own journey has had many periods of non-practice and practice to retrieve what can be found from sitting back and watching the body and the loss of its finer aspects of breathe and movement and activation’s. Similarly in my spiritual walk I’ve seen a lot studying texts from a place of stillness, hyperactivity, ego, and vulnerability.

Why then do we put so much emphasis on perfect practice or even perfecting a position or understanding. Likewise with texts and studies we are looking for that one defining interpretation that brings it all together. When I just studied the Bible, in it’s Latin, Greek and Hebrew back 20 or so years ago I came from a place of getting to the bottom of something. When I branched out and studied other scriptures like the Koran, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita i found they too had parts that didn’t quite match with any interpretation I could resolve. Isn’t it because these reflections and works are meant to be processed through the lens of experience itself and not just mental machinations.

Almost 40 years ago I supposedly accepted Jesus and now it’s been 15 years since I began on a much broader understanding of Christ through various expressions over time. Is this really the road less traveled and the narrow way? Nowadays I still like to study the Greek and Aramaic texts of the New Testament but there’s a fresh vigor of an ever expanding vista of what that apex of distillation of the Christ was and is through Jesus. Gone is the need to be right or to get to the bottom of things. I guess it’s what they call embracing the Mystery or the realization we in our humanity can only grasp in a finite way.

As I watch Tolle’s video here he talks of the contrasts that are actual suffering and I wonder about the biblical account in Acts with the two that kept from the Holy Spirit and so fell down dead. My own feeling is that Father/Mother God is not so tied to the physical and that possibly reincarnation is very much a part of how that works out, or could be more like Eckhart talks of here about that we are all actually One and that this is simply how it ALL works out. All I can say is that it’s much more fun now as I look at early church fathers in Christianity and mystics over the centuries in many faith streams and see the shoulders we stand on with this common faith that is forever unfolding.


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