the Third Coming of Jesus: Part 1?

Well I just finished a book called Apocalypse 2027 written by one of the Pentecostal ilk…. and wow.. I couldn’t believe how far of the mark this cat was.. I agree with McLaren about there has been too much talk about Armageddon.. and frankly I think it’s been riding the 80s soviet threat and Hal Lindseys travesty for too long now. From just a cursory reading of the rest of scripture it should be spiritual common sense that we are in fact the second coming of Christ.

But what about what i’m calling the 3rd Coming. Is there still to be one.. or is there only 2… I just looked up how many buddhas they’ve been.. and the first numbers that popped up were 7 and 12.. but then one site reminded me .. there have actually been many.. much like the priesthood of all believers that St.Paul points out

I have to say I was a bit excited to see how the author of 2027 was going to put together stuff but when he started by putting his head so far up the current pagan Caesars arse It left more than a bit of a queazy feeling to say the least. Now not being 20 anymore i’m not as impressionable, so i’m much more to be influenced by a good episode of Mr.Robot based I know on actual economics going on in our world and computer hackers.

Jensen was not only uncreative, he’s downright silly.. I mean seriously has Dianetics become the wave of at least decent sci-fi religious prognosticating.. by the way I only know of Hubbards work by reference and slight explanation.. much like Herbert’s Dune.. I more intrigued by some of the concepts.. the narrative gets a bit too much for me.. though I did like the Dune and Children of Dune movies.. and fit my itch for future messianic possibility.

Talking about going back in time a bit.. a few decades ago I read Schaeffers book How should we then live.. which i now understand why my brother in law at the time and Schaeffers own son.. kinda scoffed at it. It’s a well meaning ride that travels throughout history connecting some dots in the arts and such. It misses much of the point and refuses to embrace other commonly held understandings of the facts at hand though. Not as bad a McDowells embarrassing “more than a Carpenter”.. the apologetics left a lot to be desired for there.. and If Jesus is to come a 3rd time.. in the 3rd Millenia no less.. we’re going to have to see much more of the map than Jensens bad graphic novel version.

First on the list is Jensens embracing of the horrific pagan president trump as God’s man. This to me reflects more of the growing apostate nature of what is commonly called the church, which is probably more of a parody of just that.. and I will from now on call Churchianity. And seriously if any of you are feeling or being made to feel guilty that you’re not participating in the Sham that it is.. at the very least my mission is to not help you feel better.. but be better, meaning.. they ain’t the church babey… In fact I feel more that God is going out into the streets and inviting the ones outside the wedding party..

I have to admit that I actually saw the first sign of the apostate nature when churchianity embraced Gibson’s Jesus movie.. how more could we miss the point but by focusing on the suffering and torment.. though this fear and suffering angle is much why both churchianity and bad buddhism misses the point of faith and life right?

Next, in Apocalypse 2027 he talks of the eco spirituality movement by people like Tolle in New Earth. Another epic guffaw i’d say. Why shouldn’t God care about the Earth.. what because it makes sense to not believe in global warning.. makes me think how many flat earther christians are out there too.

Then a complete misunderstanding of economic and political landscape, does this guy ever read any good economics.. even from his home state of Texas.. like George Friedman? Lastly he goes onto muddle all over himself trying to make the mark of the beast fit into AI and Amazon. … the last one maybe the only piece of genuine prophecy in there.. Though Amazon may have a lot to do with the great Babylon more.. just as Trumples is either the False Prophet or a rendition of the one coming. .. Which begs to why did i bloody well read this in the first place.. Well it was because I wanted to understand where the Pentecostal fervor was coming from.. and another that I have a suspicion that there is a sort of Armageddon coming around 2030 or 2100.. right now i’m opting for the latter for obvious reasons.. but I do think before then we need to work out a better and more articulate understanding of after it’s all done scenario..

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