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So here we are talking of things fast and furious, old, mundane, time immemorial… but mostly we talk about “nothing” and it’s exquisite beauty and profoundness. When we have found like I feel, the need to no longer be right, to not control, but rather “show up, listen, learn, be found more awake, contented, and more fully love” in this moment and most hopefully in so many more to come.

This site is a story and a journey, consider it like a meandering walk with someone new or old, strange or someone you’d like to get to know better or maybe think you do. We all have interests and opinions, passions, and disgusts… some of us wish to integrate what we learn, while others of us also want to learn better discretion and timing. Let’s see what we can create together fellow human and spirits!

Facilitator for the GatheringSelf.org

Clint, born in North London at the height of the summer of love resides in San Luis Obispo California, is divorced and has two grown children in Phoenix and Brooklyn. He is an artist and arm chair philosopher who has faith in the Spiritual “zone” of life, which means that he thinks that the vitality in between the lines and underneath the surface of our experiences posits not just further inquiry but experimentation and risk taking beyond the usual surface level interpretations. So you guessed it he invites others to take a hunch that Spirituality is not just a concept, mental assent, or emotional appeal, but a living personal force for good in our universe that we can appeal to in both serious and playful ways. In many ways he still considers himself a Pentecostal Christian because of his active desire for the transcendent to bring the miraculous into our everyday, a Buddhist for the great impact that mindfulness practice has had on his journey, and a humanist since there are so many times he’s found himself a optimistic skeptic.