~ Synagogue Christians

Turn on the Tv, radio, any of the websites that purport to be christian and you will no doubt hear a version of the Uncle Sam version of Jesus.. you know the one that you have to come to to get your sins forgiven.. what sins you say? well the ones that broke gods heart apparently. But if you seriously question this tribal jesus there are inconsistencies to the story. These are no different the Jews in early Rome at Jesus time. They too were about Basic Morality but even modern progressive Judaism has gone Beyond the Law as such. Not even getting into the Early Christian testament that we’ll get into more at the end is confusing at best, if you try to read it as a moral set of tales, but yet this is what we’re all expected to do. It’s all good though because like many other mediums in our world today, arm chair therapy has saved the day. This Jesus now tells us to just be a good boy or girl, live a virtuous life, and die without making a mess. Of course life can be just that, and well that’s where the “sin police” come in.. at first the’re the ministers, but we all know it’s really the elders.. you know the straw hat nazis that have the money, kinda like the busy body HOA people.

If you want to understand them the first half of the book of Romans in the Early Christian testament is a pretty good synopsis.. and it ends with the same frustration of “i do what I don’t want to do..” if they were all at least honest. But this moral message does make sense, and certainly without a basic moral code it would be pretty bad. .. and that’s what the modern Pharisees count on. The very strange thing is that Judaism never admitted it would be an inside job.. oh sure the prophet Jeremiah said when the Messiah came.. but they didn’t see jesus as Him. This sort of Christianity seems to need Jesus for little more than getting the ball rolling, you know.. so we can all go around wearing those WWJD bracelets.

The cherry picking you have to do throughout their Bible is downright scary and worse yet when you did what I did and see how much just simply wasn’t translated. Then count in the agenda of many years of scholastic interpretation.. and well, it’s like Pentecost never happened. Even when you run into those that have a strong belief in Pentecost it ends up that it’s usually more of a heavy drama and emotion deal, not something very transformative. I spent a number of years trying to psyche myself into “feeling” something only to be told it was that damn nasty sin stuff again.. “what i said?.. I thought the cross took care of that?” .. “Oh it did,” they said.. but it didn’t.. because apparently I had to appropriate it by my impeccable behavior.

At the end of the day religion of this kind is easily stepped over and left to simpletons who need a basic moral code to be good. Like many in our Technology age, common sense goes out the window.. which is no wonder why the Atheists are making much more sense than the theologians.. it’s not because they’re right about God, but more that being a good humanist is more of what life is about.. and we frankly don’t really need a moral code to tell us that.. especially one that’s outdated and trying to get us back to one 2 Millenia old.

What the humanists have tapped into I believe is the power of the cross to a certain degree.. that it wasn’t a mental assent that was needed to a belief set about that event, but rather there was a power out there and in here NOW that is transformative in humans caring for each other. This also speaks to why books like Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now is so powerful along with the broader buddhist teachings along this line. But the modern Pharisees keep on positing that their set of rituals with their overly simplistic interpretations will do the trick.. is it any wonder there’s so much suppression that has gone on in the church?

Jesus didn’t just turn over the display tables in the churches he also time and time again refuted the church leaders misunderstandings of the Law and the Promises. He even on many occasion said they were more lawyers against than shepherds for his people. So many churches today are a great waste of time in their practices, at best passing over a basic morality that would be better for public schools or institutions to do. Of course many of those don’t do it, so there is a limited function of churches today that provide something.. but at such an inefficient cost to it’s members.. and then there’s the suppression and rampant egos. In too many the primary personality of the pastorate is how a church is run, not by the Holy Spirit. If not that, then the elders lead with a subversive style in church policy and enforcement. Many struggling with various things are pushed out or shunned, yes still in the 21st century. This is not the body of Christ though, be sure!