~ Intro – Beyond Aquarius

This book is a distillation of many years of study and experience within christianity and much of which would be called the New Age movement and it’s influences over the centuries. The basic gist is for the casual and the intellectual which I will switch between tones throughout, just to warn you.

My journey started as a child when I was full of wonder and imagination and explored ancient myths at my local library in north London. Back then I had little experience in the rituals of my religion, but by the time I was 20 I’d felt there was definitely something missing or beyond it. In reading a book by an ex monk, “god on your own,” I realized I had to at least elaborate on my path too.. since it seems there are many out there wondering where they fit in as well.

In my 20s while I explored different denominational experiences in the christian church I was heaping up on much of the ancient esoteric and gnostic teachings. By the end of the 90s though all off that too fell a bit short for me. I now feel it was asking me to take a path I wasn’t willing to.. reminded of the ones who heard Jesus say “eat my body and drink my blood.. and no longer followed him.”

Then as the new Millenia started my good paying job and marriage fell apart, I filed bankruptcy, and my faith seemed distant and non relevant for a while. For the next 15 years I dabbled in Tarot, Yoga, and Buddhism and found some solace for my adventurous soul in them. As they say though, if your journey is to include something, it will come back to you. Even as the St.John states, those sheep who are his will hear him, they will not follow a stranger. Of course these kind of sayings have been lost in polarities.. where God is of course more patient and understanding.

For the past 5 years I’ve been looking into much of the more practical side of Christian living and in particular how it relates to the more imaginative leanings of New Age understanding. This is where Beyond Aquarius came from, and where we’ll end up. Basically what I hope to achieve is an opening of the mind that there is some care one must take if you are to research and be involved in New Age groups – it is a calling I would definitely say.

I don’t agree that it is a mission but rather an assignment to see what we can learn from each other. Like others who are in more progressive aspects of their faith there are core truths that are Christ alive incognito if you like. I say this because some are too quick to relegate something they don’t understand to the realm of demons and the boogey man. As I said we must be careful, I do want to say much like the representations of the big faiths these days there are actual demons, “doctrines of demons,” and “Hoary myths and endless genealogies” that we can get hooked by either following or in a game of cat and mouse. Truer faith can navigate these but it’s not for the faint of heart. If you don’t feel you are called to this road, there’s no need to read any further.