~ The Last Generations

As I write this in 2019 I’m pretty convinced that we live in the last epoch or era of humanity. I know this has been said many times before with a certain character of the times making it somewhat true, but I believe that our time is very special. We have reached over 8 billion population and even though it is predicted to decrease in the future it gives us an unprecedented place to view human history. Now I believe that before the great flood of around 11,000 B.C we achieved this number before. We also had a great technology like we have now, and we are at the beginning of a religious apostasy unparalleled in any time before just because of the sheer numbers of people on the planet.

Even with all this vast complexity there are those that think that we will just all reach this “a-ha” moment and realize we are all one. That the schisms that divide humanity will all melt away with transformative love. Though I do believe in a certain “heaven on earth” scenario I don’t believe that humanity by itself can accomplish this just by holding hands nor envisioning it.

I believe that all the souls that were here before the flood are here now and that human history has few last acts to play out before it’s finale of bliss. It is these last generations that we have to be careful to help them realize what’s possible and whats probably not. The “live quietly and work with your hands ” still applies from the early christian testament, but there is definitely an acute awareness that the Systems will try to get them at every turn. A wiliness and wisdom must be strategically involved in our lives if we are to manifest love all the more as our gospel puts it.